Gan Garoo

Touring the Jezreel Valley

So Gan Garoo is one of my personal favorites places to go when touring the Jezreel Valley. In fact, this especially true when you’re touring with kids and you look for some attractions that aren’t archaeological tells! But what makes the place so different and unique that kids love so much? So Gan Garoo is a unique Australian Park where visitors can see and experience Australian animals and wildlife.

History of Gan Garoo: Gan Garoo was founded in 1994 by Yossi Segal, fascinated with Australian wildlife. He began importing animals from Australia and eventually opened the park to the public in 1996. Since then, the park has become famous for tourists and locals.

At Gan Garoo, there are over 50 free-roaming Kangaroo visitors who can meet up close to touch and feed from their hand! In the Lorikeet Aviary, you will get the chance to feed our large flock of Lorikeets with fruit; in the Australian Aviary, you will encounter many species of large parrots up close! All this and even more exciting up-close encounters with various fascinating animals such as – the Kangaroo, Cassowary, Emu, Lorikeets, Flying Fox, many species of reptiles, and rare birds. Don’t forget to enjoy our Dinosaur maze, “GanGoo Yura”

An encounter unlike any other, with different species of prehistoric Dinosaurs who move, roar, and even tell you about themselves. In addition to the maze, they offer other life-sized mind-bending games to be solved. For more info about their rates, please check out their website.

Lots of parking is available at Gan Garoo!

And there are discounts for tickets online – 49 NIS (instead of 59 NIS)

In conclusion, Gan Garoo is a unique and exciting attraction in Israel that offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages. The park’s collection of Australian animals and its educational programs and experiences make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in wildlife and nature. There is another cool park that I like that is also a fun thing to do with kids, and that Yodfat Monkey Forest

Gan Garoo Opening Hours:

Sun through Thurs 9 am-4 pm
Fridays: – 9 am-3 pm
Saturdays: 9 am-5 pm


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