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Bethlehem Graffiti Tour

Exploring the Holy Land

The Bethlehem Graffiti Tour is a great way to get familiarized with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Nowadays, this unique phenomenon is that local and foreign artists (including the famous British Banksy) graffiti the walls of Bethlehem with blatant protest graffiti and spray-paint sharp political slogans on the high separation wall – it has become a real tourist attraction.

More About the Bethlehem Graffiti Tour

So, in the city where Jesus was born, and Israelis are not allowed to visit, tourists actually can! Not far From the Church of Nativity, there is illuminating graffiti on the separation wall that expresses the reality here in the Middle East.

The biblical city of Bethlehem, located in the Judaean Desert and south of Jerusalem, has been undergoing economic and tourist renaissance for some time. The city is identified with the birth of two, King David and Jesus of Nazareth, hence its sanctity. Thousands of years after they were here, the two still contribute to the city today. Just five minutes from Jerusalem – so close, but so far.

During the tour, we will visit the Walled Off Hotel, established by the world-famous graffiti artist in collaboration with Wissam, Banksy’s local partner. We will visit the rooms, be exposed to the satirical graffiti art that adorns them, and understand why he was named “the hotel with the worst view in the world.”

From there, we will continue to the “small museum” established by Banksy and talk about how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolved. In addition, we’ll continue our Bethlehem Graffiti Tour along the world’s most infamous wall and see how the harsh reality is reflected in the messages of local and international artists.


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