Alexander Stream National Park

Nature Reserve in Israel

The Alexander Stream is one of the most important and beautiful waterways in the Sharon region. Before it flows into the sea near Bet Yanai Beach, it is surrounded by a large park brimming with treasures of nature and landscape: sand dunes, eucalyptus groves, picnic areas, and remnants of human presence in the historical past.

Alexander Stream National Park
In This Photo: The Turtle Bridge at Alexander Stream, Where You Can See Turtles Nesting
Credit: Avishai Teicher, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Maint Attractions At the National Park

Softshell turtles – A natural attraction at the Alexander Stream is that the Alexander River turtles have become a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. The Alexander river provides essential habitat for these turtles, with clean water and abundant food sources such as fish, crustaceans, and insects. Visitors to the river can often spot these turtles sunbathing on rocks or swimming in the water. The best location to spot them is the Turtle Bridge, where you also picnic. If you wish, you can visit the nearby turtle rescue center.

Alexander Stream National Park - Turtle
In This Photo: Nile Turtle on the Banks of the Alexander River
Credit: Avishai Teicher, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Samara Ruin – The structure was erected at the end of the 19th century by Abdullah Samara, a Tulkarm resident who owned the area’s lands and used him to observe them. The Samara clan are descendants of Samaritans who converted to Islam.

Credit: Dr. Anat Avital Pikiwiki Israel, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Later, the Ottoman government turned it into a duty collection station for the watermelons grown in the Valley, which were exported throughout the empire. The watermelons were transported along the Alexander Stream on camels or rafts to the Minat Abu Zabora port on today’s Michmorat beach. Today, travelers can go in to observe the area.

Wicker Lookout Point

The lookout is a beautiful observation point for the waterfowl that come in the fall and winter to spend time in the reservoir, including great cormorants, gray herons, great egrets, the mallard duck, and of course – thousands of pelicans that come to the feeding station operated here by the Nature and Parks Authority to reduce their damage to the fish farms. The elevated lookout and shaded roof provide a great bird-watching option. Thousands of nature lovers visit the place.

Credit:, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Alexander Stream National Park: Agamon Hefer

Agmon Hafer is located next to Alexander Stream in the abandoned fish ponds of Kibbutz Ein Horesh. A 1.8 km long pedestrian path runs around the ponds. The trail is wide and comfortable. On the side of the trail, hides, equipped with explanatory signs, were placed for bird watching.

The reedbed restores the fauna and flora of the humid habitats to the area. Species of plants typical of damp habitats were planted, and rare ones, such as the marsh hogweed and the broad-leaved end – from the wild plants of the Hefer Valley. The waterfowl, birds of prey, songbirds, and other animals find their way to the place alone.

Alexander Stream National Park: Italy Park

Italy Park is a beautiful grassed area surrounding the Alexander Stream near Kibbutz Ma’abarot. The park is about 8km upstream from the rivers’ estuary in the Mediterranean and provides a great starting point for those who want to make a walk or bike ride along the river.

The grove of eucalyptus trees supplies shade next to a large parking lot for picnics, marking the end of an artificial stream section. From here on, the stream, a walking trail begins. It is a 2.7 km long paved path that connects the artificial stream section to another park. The trail is meant for pedestrians, cyclists, strollers, and disabled people confined to wheelchairs.

Along the trail are many sitting areas, playgrounds for children, orchards of strawberry trees that ripen in June, and fig trees that ripen mainly in August. You can stop and hang out in the shade of the trees and even pick prime. Tiptoeing, we notice abundant birds, swamp turtles, and nutria.

From time to time, we will pass pecan groves and manicured orchards. Do not enter the orchards, and do not pick fruit. The growers invest many resources in their fields, and we should not harm their property and livelihood.

You can access Italy Park from the main road to Kibbutz Ma’abarot and Mishmar Hasharon, which branches off Highway 4 behind the gas station at Ha’ogen Junction.

In This Photo: Beit Yanai Beach
Credit: Haim Ziv, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Beit Yanai Beach

One of the main draws of Bet Yanai Beach is its stunning natural beauty. With crystal-clear waters and soft, white sand, this beach provides the perfect setting for relaxation and fun in the sun. Visitors can swim in the gentle waves of the Mediterranean or soak up the sun on the beach.

Credit: Yigal Zalmanson Pikiwiki Israel, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons


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