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So Margalit Winery was established in 1989 by Yair Margalit that holds a PhD. in physical chemistry. When he first launched nine hundred bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon wine, he was joined by his son Assaf and was the first boutique winery to operate in the State of Israel. It was first established as a tiny winery in Moshav Kfar Bilu near Rehovot, and in 1994 moved to its current location between Hadera and Emek Hefer.

Yair Margalit spent many years researching and after the success of the winery concentrated on wine production; writing on the subject and workshops for wine tasting; is the center of the Faculty of Viticulture at Tel-Hai College and teaches in the Faculty of Food Engineering at the Technion and wrote two professional books in wine chemistry. Assaf Margalit studied agriculture in the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Rehovot; and studied in vineyards in California. Another employee at the winery was Rami Livneh, who was involved in computer printing and graphics and made wine.

More About The Winery: 

Margalit Winery focuses on producing wine from Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon; Merlot and Cabernet Fran and from 1995 also began to make wine from Chardonnay; Petit Syrah and Syrah grapes. Margalit also produced wine from the Carignan berry. It has wine from three series: Special Reserve and Margalit (varietal wines) and Bordeaux Enigma (screen). Margalit Winery markets only about twenty thousand bottles every year to provide personal and meticulous care. Grapes harvested in Kadita in the Upper Galilee at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and Cabernet Fran grapes from the vineyards of Binyamina. The vines grow without watering.

Dr. Yair Margalit

So Yair was the one that established Margalit Winery. Before, he was all into science. In fact, he holds a Ph.D. in chemistry! Until he decided to quit his scientific work; and started the second phase of his life as a winemaker and farmer. But he still keeps his academic connections by sharing his knowledge about winemaking and the chemistry of wine at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at the Israel Institute of Technology, And in what is known as the MIT of Israel (Technion). Also, he began and managed the wine studies at Tel-Hai College from 2004 – 2011.
Furthermore, he successfully wrote not one but three enlighting books, which are quoted worldwide both as in textbooks in the wine industry; and for academic studies of enology and winemaking.

Assaf Margalit

He began to make wine as a young kid when he joined his dad’s home winemaking in the family estate. He then got his Bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences from the Hebrew-U. If that’s not enough, he joined Jekel Vineyards in California to get some real hands-on experience in the New World wine industry. After this, he made some real deep study seminars at many Napa and Sonoma wineries in Cali. When he decided to return home, Asaf worked at the winery, and a few years later, he took his place dad and became the winemaker.

For a few years, he gave lectures about winemaking in the Cellar-Master program at Tel-Hai College.

So if you are touring Caesarea National Park, Margalit Winery is an excellent option for trying some great local wine! 

The winery: 60 Hatahana St, Binyamina

Winery office: 4 Ruth St, Ramat-Hasharon       

Asaf: +(00)972(0)54-628-5666

Yair: +(00)972(0)50-533-4433

Marketing – Oded: 054-652-0604

Visits – Debby: +(00)972(0)54-670-0836

Office – Naomi: 054-228-9010 

Fax: 04-6262058

[email protected]

[email protected]


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