Which Is the Capital of Israel

Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

So which is the Capital of Israel Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? Indeed it might be confusing at times. I mean your instinct would be to say Jerusalem. But it was in Tel Aviv where the the State of Israel was declared and for a short time the parilament was in Tel Aviv. So which is it?

Why Much Confusion About Which is the Capital of Israel? 

So I think the confusion stems from the fact that till today this issue; which is the Capital of Israel is not entirely resolved. I mean if you ask the State of Israel and most of the Israelis they would say immediately that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel; no doubt about it! But the problem is that if you go back to the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine Jerusalem was meant to belong to any one of the sides!

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It was supposed to be internationalized like the Vatican in Rome I guess. But then the Israelis got the West side of Jerusalem while the Jordanians took over the Eastside including the Old City! This situation lasted until the Six-Day War when Israel won and “united the city” as they like to say. So according to the international community; the status of Jerusalem is yet undetermined and according to the Palestinians that claim East Jerusalem as their Capital.

Furthermore, don’t forget that Tel Aviv that was established in 1909 was developed very rapidly. And to this very day, it is the economical center, a cultural center. Moreover, most of Israel’s population is living in the greater area of Tel Aviv. So that also adds to the confusion. Not to mention that almost all the embassies, including the one belonging to the U.S, are still in Tel Aviv. But at least according to the Israeli law that was passed in the Israeli parliament, Jerusalem is the official Captial of Israel. 


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