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Best Time to Visit Israel?

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me Who You Are, I’ll Tell The Best Time to Visit Israel?

So when is the best time to visit Israel? The answer for that will be depending on what type of vacation you are looking for. If in Sea & Sun you interested in so I guess, coming in those hot months during July-August is OK but not ideal. I personally try to avoid the Israeli sun in the summer but by taking the right precautions like not spending too much time under the sun or going to the beach in reasonable hours during the day, so I guess it’s Ok. Not ideal for touring the country thou.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Israel If I’m Faithful?

If you are a faithful Christian and visiting here during the holidays is important to you then around Christmas or Easter time will be ideal for you. If you are Jewish and you want to experience the Jewish holidays so coming for Passover or for Rosh Hashanah/Tabernacles would be the best time. Take into account though it will get busy and crowded with people. This means long lines, Holy Sites swarming with tourists, and some places will be shut down or have restricted visiting hours. I actually think that for someone that is faithful you will have a much more meaningful experience when there are fewer people around, trust me!

Is The Best Time To Tour Israel and Best Time to Visit Israel the Same?

The best time to tour Israel would be in my humble opinion as a private tour guide in Israel for over a decade is from March till early April. beyond that, it might get too hot to tour. Also by coming at this particular time will allow you to experience the amazing but extremely short spring in Israel. you will enjoy the diverse climates Israel has and all the flora which is in bloom at that time of the year. you could basically tour for hours and hours without getting exhausted or worn out. Israel would seem to you seven times greener and inviting. You should take into account that the Best Time to Visit Israel is not necessarily the same as the best time to tour Israel!

Coming in the Winter Is For Sure an Option!

As someone that had been giving private guided tours all over Israel for over a decade I think coming in the winter (January-February) is actually my 2nd best option if you want to tour the country. It hardly ever rains in Israel. Israel has about 12-17 days of rain a year and over 300 sunny days. So it might be a little cold in the winter but usually, the temperatures during the winter are quite pleasant and that’s true, especially if you are touring under the sun. Let’s say, you won’t be able to dip in the Med Sea but to everything relating to touring it’s a win-win situation. You avoid the crowds and enjoy better rates concerning hotels and if god forbid it rains on one of those days you can always use it to visit a museum.

What About May-June? Is That A Good Time to Come?

May-June is totally fine but getting tricky. you already have what we call Hamsin which means a dry, hot, local wind coming from Egypt. those days in the last years became quite frequent and are not fun. Also, it is high season here so it is quite expensive. high-end hotels can easily reach at this time of the year 600-1000 USD per night. I am not saying it’s not a good time to come but early May is for sure better than late June.

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