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Beit Aaronsohn also known as Nili Museum is located on the corner of Hameyasdim Street and Nili Boulevard in Zichron Yaakov, Beit Aaronsohn Nili Museum is dedicated to the courageous and heroic deeds of the Nili spy network throughout Israel’s history. Located in the founding member of the Nili network, Aaron Aaronsohn’s house, the museum, and the actions they took to achieve that dream.

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Beit Aaronsohn: What was Nili?

Established in 1915 by agronomist Aaron Aaronsohn, Nili (Netzach Israel Lo Yishaker) was an underground network of Jewish spies that operated in the Land of Israel during World War I. Aaronsohn led the organization’s main aims were to help the British Army win the war against the Turks and eradicate the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the land cruelly. They also wanted to draw attention to the situation in the country, support the Jewish community in Eretz Israel and further the Zionist dream of a national homeland.

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The Museum

Take a guided tour of the museum, which begins with a Sonic Light Performance that tells the story of the infamous spy network, their dream of establishing a Jewish State in the Land of Israel, and their actions to achieve that dream.

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Your journey through the museum will delve into the exploits of the Nili spy network, who they were, how they passed information to the British when they sailed to Athlit from Egypt, or how they sent information via homing pigeons. 

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Moreover, you’ll also learn about the eventual demise of the spy network, how they were exposed in 1917 through a series of bizarre events, and how the Turks launched a campaign of terror against the Jewish Yishuv to find and apprehend Nili members.

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So the next stop is the family home, where you’ll learn more about life in the Aaronsohn home and see the bathroom where Aaron Aaronsohn’s sister, Sarah, took her own life after being caught and tortured by the Turks. You’ll also see the tunnel’s opening where NILI members used to hold secret meetings and hide documents and weapons.

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In Addition, the museum is also home to an extensive archive of approximately 70,000 documents, photographs from the period, books, and maps covering every detail of the network and its revolutionary history.

Opening Hours:

Beit Aaronsohn-Nili Museum
Sunday-Thursday 9:00-17:00
Friday 9:00-14:00
Saturday 11:00-13:30
By appointment


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