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Wadi Qana Nature Reserve

Wadi Qana Nature Reserve is located between the localities of the Samaria Regional Council and the Karnei Shomron Local Council. The reserve is a declared reserve. Wadi Qana is one of the main tributaries of the Yarkon River and is one of the largest streams in the Samaria region. For example, the Shiloh streams; the Ayalon and Soreq rivers also cross the northern Kemer Yehuda.

Furthermore, this is a typical stream in western Samaria that includes the flow channel with several freshwater springs. The banks are covered with a developed natural forest on the northern face and a preserved park forest on the southern face. In some of the banks; beautiful cliffs are exposed that constitute nesting potential for predators. The stream on the variety of habitats where it is an animal place for a variety of animals.

The terrain that builds the area has karst features and is, therefore, home to many caves. The stream is a kind of natural corridor that connects the ridge of the mountain in the west to the coastal plain in the west. Wadi Qana is part of a Mandatory forest reserve of a developed Mediterranean grove that ruled the area until human intervention.

Wadi Qana In the Bible

During the Bible period, the river served as a border between the land of the tribe of Ephraim and the land of the tribe of Menashe. The river has land north of it near Ma’ale Shomron.

Wadi Qana begins south of Mount Gerizim. The stream makes most of its mountainous path while winding and cutting down in the limestone rocks of the Judean group from the Upper Canoman age until it leaves the mountain area north of Rosh HaAyin. In the eastern part, layers of water-bearing marl are exposed at the bottom of the gorge, where small springs bubble throughout the year. The water flows along the channel, and from time to time it is swallowed up in the layers of gravel and alluvium. Sometimes they accumulate in deep backs and form small pools that are maintained even during the summer. West of the furnace eye, the marl outcrops disappear beneath the layers of limestone and the sword channel.


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