Mount Tabor Religious Importance

So let’s begin by saying that Mount Tabor Religious Importance is central in Jewish tradition. First, because of its prominent shape and being observed from a distance. So that’s why Mount Tabor served in the Bible as a symbol of power. For example. the prophet Jeremiah presents Mount Tabor as an expression of great power; describing the coming of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to strike Egypt:

“It shall come to pass in the mountains, and the caramel shall come in the day”
(Jeremiah, chapter 16, verse 18).

In the description of the creation of the world in the Book of Psalms, it is written:

“North and right you have created them, Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon in your name we will rejoice”
(Book of Psalms, chapter five, verse thirteen).

The verse expresses the power of God and the act of creation, His name and greatness are carried from the top of the prominent mountains.

On the other hand, the Tabor is known as one of the mountains on which Israel sacrificed to idols, as implied in the prophecy of Hosea the prophet: “For ye have been a snare to Mizpeh, and a net spread out on Mount Tabor” (Hosea, chapter five, verse one). This tradition was also preserved in the Midrashim, according to which the Tabor was rejected as a place of giving Torah because of it, as it is written in Genesis Raba.

Mount Tabor Religious Importance In Christian Tradition 

So on top of the mountain are two Christian churches. According to Christian tradition, on Mount Tabor, the Transfiguration of Jesus took place; during which he climbed with some of his disciples to the top of a high mountain. Then he talked there with Moses and Elijah the prophet who told him of his impending death. The three synoptic Gospels do not identify the mountain on which the event took place in its name, and it was first identified as Mount Tabor in the 5th century.


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