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The City of David

Touring Jerusalem

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage through millennia as we step into the heart of Jerusalem’s ancient legacy – welcome to The City of David. Furthermore, this archaeological marvel offers a captivating narrative unveiling the city’s origins and the vibrant tapestry of history woven into its foundations.

Jerusalem Ultimate Guide

Archaeological Splendors:

Wander through the excavated pathways of The City of David, where layers of civilization are meticulously unveiled. From the ancient Canaanite period to the illustrious reigns of King David and beyond, the archaeological treasures here paint a vivid picture of Jerusalem’s evolution.

Theodotos Inscription
Israel Archaeological Seven Day Tour - City of David

Royal Palace Ruins:

Stand in awe before the remnants of King David’s palace, where legendary figures of the Bible once walked. These ruins glimpse the grandeur and strategic importance of the city’s early days.

City of David Nighttime show

Warren’s Shaft:

Venture underground and discover the sophisticated water system known as Warren’s Shaft. This intricate engineering marvel enabled the city’s inhabitants to access the vital water source during siege and conflict.

Jerusalem's Ancient Water Systems

Hezekiah’s Tunnel:

Embark on a unique aquatic adventure through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a 2,700-year-old water channel carved beneath the city. Wading through the waters of this ancient passageway immerses you in a tangible connection to Jerusalem’s past.

Silent Witnesses:

The archaeological findings of The City of David come to life through the artifacts, inscriptions, and structures that have withstood the test of time. Moreover, each piece of history bears witness to the stories of conquest, resilience, and cultural exchanges that define Jerusalem’s legacy.

Our Guided Tours:

Expert guides can lead you through this historical journey, offering profound insights into the layers of history beneath your feet. Furthermore, their expertise transforms the stones and ruins into a living narrative that transports you to a bygone era.

Visitors’ Center:

Begin your adventure at the modern Visitors’ Center, where interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations provide context to the historical significance of The City of David. Engage with the rich heritage that underpins the city’s contemporary identity.

Davidson Archeaological Park

So prepare to be captivated by the living history that pulses through The City of David. As you traverse its pathways, you’ll uncover the layers of Jerusalem’s past, from its humble beginnings to the foundations of a city that continues to shape history. Join us on this archaeological odyssey that redefines your connection to Jerusalem’s rich heritage.


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