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Hall of Names

The Holocaust Museum

The Hall of Names is a profoundly moving and significant part of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel. It is a central feature of the memorial, dedicated to commemorating the millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Here’s more about the Hall of Names:

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Purpose and Significance:

The Hall of Names is a solemn space designed to honor and remember the individual lives tragically lost during the Holocaust. It seeks to give identities to the victims beyond mere numbers and statistics, preserving their memory for future generations.

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Design and Architecture:

The Hall of Names is a domed chamber adorned with a cone-shaped roof, evoking the sense of a timeless space. The design is intended to create an atmosphere of reflection and contemplation. The walls are covered with an intricate mosaic of photographs and testimonies of Holocaust victims.

Hall of Names

Hall of Names – The Central Cone:

The central cone stands at the heart of the Hall of Names. It is a cylindrical structure containing the “Book of Names,” a collection of Pages of Testimony. These pages were submitted by families and friends of victims to commemorate their lives and preserve their memory. Each Page of Testimony includes biographical information, photographs, and personal stories.

Mount Herzl
Mount Herzl Jerusalem
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Pages of Testimony:

The Pages of Testimony serve as a database of information about Holocaust victims. They provide a way for survivors, family members, and others to remember and document the names and stories of those who perished. These pages ensure that the victims’ lives are not forgotten and their stories are told for generations.

Page of Testimony All Are Kept in the Hall of Names, Which is A Huge Archive

Interactive Stations:

Within the Hall of Names, interactive stations allow visitors to access the information in the Pages of Testimony. This technology allows visitors to search for specific names, read personal stories, and engage with the individual histories of the victims.

Hall of Names – Impact and Emotion:

The Hall of Names is a deeply emotional experience for visitors. The vast collection of names, faces, and stories underscores the magnitude of the tragedy while emphasizing the importance of preserving memory and preventing such horrors from happening again.

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Ongoing Project:

The collection of Pages of Testimony is an ongoing project. Yad Vashem encourages people to contribute additional testimonies to ensure that the memory of all Holocaust victims is recorded and preserved.

The Children's Memorial at Yad Vashem

Educational Significance:

The Hall of Names is an educational tool to teach younger generations about the Holocaust and the significance of remembrance. It provides a tangible connection to the past and reinforces the importance of empathy, tolerance, and preventing future atrocities.

Visiting Yad Vashem:

The Hall of Names is one of the many exhibits and memorials at Yad Vashem. When visiting Yad Vashem, it’s advisable to allocate sufficient time to explore the various sections of the museum, including the Hall of Names.

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The Hall is a poignant reminder of the individual lives lost during the Holocaust and the imperative to remember their stories. It stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the necessity of preserving history as a safeguard against the repetition of such tragic events.


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