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If you’re planning to spend a couple of days in Galilee I have a great place for you! Chateau du Roi Restaurant was recently opened but already became one of the most celebrated culinary institutions in Galilee. The raved restaurant is considered the “culinary playground” of Chef Elian Layousse. Day in and day out, he comes and reinvents classic Italian dishes seasoned with creativity and a personal touch. In addition, the competent staff is enhancing the delicacies of traditional Italian cuisine and transforms the kitchen into a real state-of-the-art culinary scene; with authentic aromas and heart-warming dishes.

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Furthermore, the Chef is sourcing the freshest ingredients and draws inspiration from the lavish Mediterranean surroundings; assuring that each plate comes out perfectly. all guaranteed by carefully selected, top-quality seasonal vegetables; prime meat; freshly homemade pasta; and fresh desserts prepared every day. In addition by combining passion and tradition, we render every single dish according to standards of modern cooking, by using more delicate flavors, but leaving the taste of the traditional Italian cuisine unchanged.

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So Château du Roi restaurant astonishes with fully traditional yet unique dishes. In other words, you will find a variety of meals on the menu ready to elate the sense of smell; sight, and taste of each of their guests. Their delicacies will captivate you one after one, in a melody of flavors, enhanced by a large wine list; in a welcoming environment, and with the help of staff who are always ready to suggest the best options for their guests.


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