Yemin Moshe

Getting to Know Jerusalem

Yemin Moshe is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Whether you are looking for a peaceful break between sightseeing adventures; or want to have a picnic with friends; Yemin Moshe is an ideal place to visit. Yemin Moshe is a historic neighborhood overlooking the Old City. In fact, the neighborhoods in Jerusalem immediately surrounding the Old City were originally constructed to deal with overcrowding. 

As the area’s population continued to grow; there were simply too many people to fit into the Old City safely. In the 1890s, Moses Montefiore created the first outside neighborhood; which was called Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Although it originally only had two long buildings with the upper building being a community center with a hospital; bakery; synagogues; and workshops while the lower building had small apartments. While it certainly wasn’t considered a fancy place to live; it was the beginning of Jerusalem’s expansion; with the next neighborhood being Yemin Moshe.  

Moses Montefiore also built Yemin Moshe, and the neighborhood was named after him. Even Though it was still a humble neighborhood; the buildings were considerably larger than those in Mishkenot Sha’ananim. By the 1920s, this neighborhood in Jerusalem held over 900 residents and even had its own windmill; printing press; and textile factory. While the community faced the trials and tribulations of the Israeli conflicts in both the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the Six-Day War; it has remained strong throughout time. 

Yemin Moshe Underwent Massive Restorations

After the recapture of Jerusalem in 1948; Yemin Moshe underwent massive restorations. And with the help of artisans and private individuals, the neighborhood was able to revive its unique and classic vibe. Today, it is an upscale and prominent neighborhood that draws in many visitors throughout the year. In fact, it is hard to believe that the poor neighborhood from a century ago has transformed into its spectacular beauty. 

So the best way to explore Yemin Moshe is by strolling through the quaint streets. Also, it is the perfect spot for a romantic walk with a partner; taking pictures for social media;  simply taking in the sights at your own pace. The streets are not built for cars. So I suggest taking a walking tour of the area to get all the insider tips on where to eat, shop, and learn. While touring the area, I suggest that you also visit the nearby German Colony and, of course, the Old City itself.


Hi! My name is Arik Haglili, an Israeli native who decided to dedicate his life to share my knowledge about the Holy Land to those that are interested to know more about this amazing piece of land. My career as a private tour guide started at the International School For the Studying of the Holocaust and the rest is history. 

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