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The Sea of Galilee is an environmental and religious marvel that attracts thousands of visitors every year to its shore. Located in northeastern Israel; it is the lowest freshwater lake in the world; and the second-lowest lake globally behind the Dead Sea. Now over the centuries, this lake has been known by many names. But, however, one chooses to call it, the Sea of Galilee is known for its vast array of tourist destinations. So from all of the above, to take a Sea of Galilee boat ride is ideal!

Many enjoy experiencing the little town of Tiberias; the Tiberias-Hamat hot springs; the Bet Yerah settlement, the Arbel National Park; and a vast array of Christian-related sites. So the best way to see all that the shore has to offer is from the water. You can take a Sea of Galilee boat ride on my private tour to get an in-depth understanding of the historical and religious significance of this famous lake. 

Take a Sea of Galilee Boat Ride, And Relive Jesus Miracles 

The Sea of Galilee is a location rich in religious significance. Much of the ministry of Jesus takes place along its shores. It was here that Jesus recruited four of his apostles; including the fishermen brothers, Simon and Andrew; as well as brothers John and James. Also, his Miraculous Catch of Fish was that the four men were convinced of Jesus and left everything to follow him.

Moreover, the Sea of Galilee saw other great miracles performed by Jesus; including Feeding the Multitude; Calming the Storm; and where Jesus Walked on Water. It is even said Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount, the longest continuous discourse of Jesus found in the New Testament and where he speaks the famous “Lord’s Prayer,” on a hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Today traditions point towards Mount of Beatitudes next to the Sea of Galilee. 

Things To Do in the Around the Sea of Galilee

Today, visiting the Sea of Galilee is a hot spot for Christian and non-Christian tourists alike. In 2011, Israel opened a 64 km hiking trail, called the “Jesus Trail,” for Christian pilgrims that end at Capernaum, the ancient fishing village that Jesus frequented. Many of the other popular sites are in relation to Christian religious history.

In addition, you can visit the Mount of Beatitudes that was built where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount; the Church of Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes built where the Feeding the Multitude miracle occurred; and Kibbutz Ginosar which features the Sea of Galilee Ancient Boat that dates back between 70 BCE and 90 CE; meaning that it could have been around during the time of Jesus. Of course, taking to the water for a Sea of Galilee boat ride can bring to life Jesus’s famous miracles in a way that you can never imagine.


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